The 2019 Drumming Down the Sun event will be held Friday, June 21st from 6pm to 9pm.

Bring your drums, rattles, pentagram tambourines, other musical instruments, and yourselves.  Help celebrate the Summer Solstice and the change from the Light (Goddess) half of the year to the Dark (God) half of the year.  We offer this event to all as a way to bring balance and further celebration to our tradition of Drumming Up The Sun on the Winter Solstice.  Join us in honoring the changes that this solar event marks.

Chrysalis Circle has hosted this event annually since 2012.  Drumming Down the Sun is held at Addenbrooke Park located at 600 S. Kipling Pkwy, Lakewood, CO.  The event is open to the public, and a donation of $2 per adult is suggested to help offset the shelter reservation costs.

Location Details:

Here is a gallery of pictures from our 2013 Drumming Down the Sun event: