Chrysalis Circle Members

Sage – Scribe to the Stars, Reiki healer, Air, High Priestess

Sage BrightHeart, a Libra in so many ways, has finally chosen her path – she is an eclectic Wiccan priestess, with experience and skills in shamanic journeying and other healing modalities, including Reiki, western and eastern massage techniques and Myofascial Release.

Sage began her Wiccan studies in 2001, when she met HavenWood and they began their relationship. But her mind wasn’t completely made up until 2005 when she received clear direction that this was truly her path and she dedicated to herself, to the Goddess and to the Craft.

A lifelong learner, her pleasure in study and practice grows each year. Expanding her specialties in divination, she has continued her study with the Tarot with a local teacher and gets together with others to delve more deeply into the relationship with archetypical imagery and what it can communicate to our psyches.

Spring, Summer and Fall find her puttering in the herb garden and yard, enjoying the amazing gifts of the earth. An artist at heart, she has many creative projects to pursue: Sugar Skulls (Calaveras) and other Day of the Dead figures, working in polymer clay, mosaic projects as well as luscious bath and body care concoctions made from fresh, natural ingredients. A student of aromatherapy, essential oils and herbs, she is happiest when blending the various creative aspects of her life – writing, crafting, art, studying, meditating, attending open ritual, volunteering for others’ rituals, and contributing to the community by presenting open rituals. (“Drumming Down The Sun” and “The Descent of Inanna” ritual are just some of her inspirations)

Sephira Priestess, Reiki Healer, Water

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Trent Treasure Lord, Water,High Priest

Trent has been walking the Wiccan path since 2007. He initially studied with a large Wicca teaching/learning group, then practiced solitary for several years before beginning his work with Chrysalis Circle in 2012. Trent loves learning in all areas of his life, whether it’s classroom learning, learning that comes from interaction with others, or the learning that can only come from personal experience. He is now enjoying learning in a new way, by teaching others through Chrysalis Circle.

Balance is something Trent is always seeking (though he finds it hard to attain and even harder to preserve), and he tries to embrace the twists and turns that life likes to toss our way. He is introverted and is happiest when spending time with close friends and family or spending time out in nature. Trent is good with numbers and very detail-oriented, but also understands that life is rarely (if ever) black and white. He strives to keep his mind and heart open to whatever messages the universe has to send his way.

HavenWood – Herald, Treasure Lord, Reiki healer, WebCrafter, Summoner, Fire, HP (Emeritus), Teacher

Founding High Priest of Chrysalis Circle, HavenWood left this early plane in June 2016.  He was a practitioner of Wicca for more than 16 years, teaching for over half that time. Through that experience and other group work he developed the initial concepts and contributed to Chrysalis Circle advanced Wicca studies. “I have been called Home to Wicca. I am guided in dreams and in waking visions.”